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We are Alan and Leah Fleming.

We have been serving as missionaries in Kenya for 12 years.

We have 3 children

Abbey, Connor and Ross

This website is designed to
help you learn about

The Fleming Family

What we are doing in Kenya

The lives of the Kenyan people.

And how you can become a part of seeing Kenya come to Christ.
We are working with Evangelical Victory Church (EVC). EVC is a non-denominational church located in the heart of Huruma Slum.

There are over 400 children attending Sunday School at EVC and we are training the Sunday School teachers and writing a curriculum for them to use.

We also work in Northern Kenya. As of 2011 EVC has planted 10 churches in Northern Kenya. We are working with them to help evangelize Northern Kenya and to disciple the new Christians.

We use many methods to evangelize people.  We believe that if we reach out
to those that are suffering and show them the love of Jesus in practical ways
that they will be drawn to Him and the salvation that He has for them.

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Jesus Christ is the Hope for the Hopeless

Some of the methods we use to relieve their suffering are:

Teaching Solar Cooking classes

Teaching alternative farming methods

Conducting medical clinics

Teaching about water management

Feeding hungry people